Saturday, July 11, 2015

Simple Lapped Zipper

A lapped zipper is a great zipper application for skirts and dresses, using an all-purpose (not invisible) zipper.  The finished zipper has an overlap on the left side of the opening that covers the zipper.  On the right side of the opening, the fabric is edge-stitched very close to the zipper teeth.  This zipper is great for a center-back opening and a left side skirt zipper closure.  There are many techniques to sew a lapped zipper.  This method is a quick, painless, and very accurate technique to try.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Child's Lined Coat/Jacket

NOTE:  This blog post is still incomplete, but has the basic steps to help you finish your coat.

Coat pattern pieces:  2 fronts, 1 back on fold, 2 sleeves, 2 hood pieces or 2 collar pieces.  Pocket pieces are optional.  Cut the same pieces for the coat lining.