Monday, April 24, 2017

How to Lengthen (or Shorten) Men's Suit Sleeves

There are many types of tailored sleeves in men's suit coats.  The easiest kind to lengthen or shorten are those that have no buttonholes.  If the buttonholes are functioning (meaning that they have been cut open), then you cannot lengthen or shorten the sleeves from the bottom hem.  These types of sleeves have to be shortened by taking the sleeves off the jacket and cutting down the sleeve cap.

This tutorial will focus on how to lengthen the sleeve with buttons and sewn buttonholes.  (Shortening the sleeves will use the same method, except fabric will not need to be added to the sleeve lining.)

Change a Pullover to an Open Cardigan

The first instructions will be for the open cardigan.  The second instructions will be for a zipper closure in a sweater.

I bought this long sleeved pullover knit top at a thrift store.   I wanted to make it into an open cardigan.  I have done this numerous times.  An open sweater is much more versatile than a pullover for me.